Our story

We are a Thai therapy centre named Boon Ruk Sa located in the beautiful historic City of York.  We offer a range of traditional Thai treatments focusing on massage to relieve stress, improve health and promote a sense of relaxation and well being.

Winan Termthong, founder and owner, brings a wealth of experience from her native Thailand to the heart of Yorkshire.  Winan grew up in northeastern Thailand amid temples and monks and learned to appreciate the importance of calm and tranquility in daily life.     

Winan attended the famous Wat Po Traditional Medical School in Bangkok, becoming fully qualified in Thai treatments.  She has worked for multinationals globally, including many of the world’s leading hotels and spa centers in Thailand, Malaysia, the Middle East and the UK. More recently she has qualified in Thai therapy and spa management in the U.K and her aim now is to bring a top-class customer experience to York, where she permanently settled with her family in 2020. 

What does Boon-ruk-sa mean?

Boon-ruk-sa is an ancient phrase from Thailand, which essentially encapsulates the belief that people have that if you do good deed, you will get the good thing back. 

Used in many ways across the culture, it is usually used before saying goodbye - or at the end of an email or letter - to wish each other good fortune.

We've always liked the phrase, which is why we chose to name the Spa as such. Boon-ruk-sa should be a place where people come to feel blessed, to reconnect with themselves and to be reminded to do good and receive good in return.

Why not give yourself a good deed, and come and relax with us?

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